Thursday, 06 May 2010 05:30

Tempo 290 GTD

This is one of the very old videos of Bajaj Tempo Limited revealing the mighty display of Tempo 290 GTD. Though this model is not available in the new car market now, I thought this video will make the 4WD enthusiasts happy. The video was shared by one of my friends. Most of us are happy in buying Scorpio, Safari, Pajero, Endeavour etc... All these are good ones at the same time they are costly too. We are more focused towards the features than the 4WD performance by itself. This model by Bajaj Tempo Limited is one of the best 4 wheel drive models available in Indian roads sorry terrain. Bajaj Tempo Limited is now Force Motors.

This video has the demo audio, so turn your speakers on.



Thursday, 06 May 2010 00:00

Convertible in Action

Have a look at this beautiful video of a convertible retracting its roof to become a open air vehicle. Another video from New York autoshow 2007. Most of us in India like to use convertibles, though they cannot be used in many places. Look at the power windows and also the roof folding inside the boot in action... its just superb. This video shows the technical marvel of the modern cars.


Tuesday, 06 April 2010 05:30

Sorry folks! this video was shared by my friend and its a real funny one, women folks no hard feelings please.